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Réseau Point d'accès (PA) Gigabit + PoE



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Scalable Wireless AP Control and Management for Mid-Sized Enterprise, Education and Hospitality.Increasing mobile and Wi-Fi dependence produces new challenges for business and network operators. Networks need to be fast and accessible for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) but secure and reliable for mission-critical applications, as well as scalable, customizable and easy to manage and monitor. The Edimax Pro Series and the APC500 Wireless AP Controller APC500 are designed with exactly these requirements in mind. To meet today’s fast-changing boom-growth needs of business network architecture the APC500 offers high-performance, feature-rich wireless LAN management that’s cost-effective, flexible, fully scalable and designed for the demands of medium-size enterprise, education and hospitality environments. Scalable Wireless LAN Deployment Efficient management of up to 128 compatible Edimax Pro access points with easy configuration to deploy fully functional & scalable wireless networks in enterprise environments. The AP Controller + Managed AP architecture is a modular system that develops and multiplies according to your requirements with additional APs easy to integrate into the existing system.


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Réseau Point d'accès (PA) Gigabit + PoE

Réseau Point d'accès (PA) Gigabit + PoE

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